[b]Here are the dates booked for 2018
Other than that it is available....
January 2018

Fraser 10th leaving 14th (2a)

Aaron 19th leaving 21st (2a) Air

Ann M 22nd leaving 26th (2a)

February 2018

Graeme 9th leaving 12th (4a) Air

James 12th leaving 15th (4a.2c) Trip

Andrew 16th leaving 18th (4a) Trip

Richard 23rd leaving 25th (4a) Air

March 2018

Glenda 16th leaving 18th ( 3a,3c)

Tricia 23rd leaving 25th (4a) Air

Joe and Lynn 25th leaving 30th direct (2a)

Anne 30th leaving 2nd April

April 2018

Jan 2nd leaving 4th (2a,2c)

Ewan 5th leaving 8th (2a,2c)

Claire 13th leaving 14th (2a)

May 2018

Allan 5th leaving 7th (5a)

Michael from Shetland 22nd leaving 24th )2a) Air

Michael 25th leaving 27th (4a) Air

June 2018

Jim W 2nd leaving 5th (2a)

Pedro 15th leaving 17th (3a)

Linda 18th leaving 21st (4a)

Dave 22nd leaving 24th(4a) Air

Caroline 29th leaving 1st (2a,1c) Air

July 2018

Taylor 2nd leaving 4th (4a) (Air)

Alastair 4th leaving 7th(4a)

Michael 7th leaving 14th (4a) Air

Adeline 14th leaving 21st July (4a,2c)

Corrine 21st leaving 23rd (4a)Air

Sarah 23rd leaving 25th (4a) Air

Michel 25th leaving 27th (3a) Air

Sally 27th leaving 29th (direct) (2a)

Leslie 30th leaving 1st(3a)Air

August 2018

Jayne 1st leaving 5th (4a) Air

Shifali 6th leaving 8th (6a) Trip

Samantha 8th leaving 11th (2a,2c) Trip

Mr AB 11th leaving 17th (5a) Trip
(extra night was the 11th added - see Annemarie)

Laura 18th leaving 20th (4a) Trip

Samantha 23rd leaving 27th (4a)(Air)

Paul W 27th leaving 30th (2a) Trip

Andrea 31st leaving 2nd Sept (2a.3c) Trip

September 2018

Jim W 21st leaving 24th (2a) direct

October 2018

Craig 12th leaving 19th (2a,3c)

Julie 19th leaving 26th(3a)

Rob 26th leaving 28th(3a)