Here are the dates booked for 2022
Other than that it is available....
April 2020

29th leaving 2nd May Craig russel

May 2021
15th 2a 1c Book
Claire rob 25th leaving 30th
J and P 30th leaving 2nd June

June 2021
2nd leaving 5th Nassir 4a 2c Booking
7th leaving 9th Pauls

August 2021
2nd leaving 4th 5a Mitch Air

4th leaving 6 th 2a 2 c Yolanda Air
6th leaving 12th 3a 2 c Annie Trip

14th leaving 17th 2a,3c Hai Wong Book
17th leaving 20th 2a,2c Hilda Air
20th leaving 24th Eloise 2a 2c Book
24th leaving 27th Jeannine 3a Air
27th leaving 30th Andrea 2a 2 c Book
30th leaving 7th 2a Claire Lindsay
September 2021

7th leaving 10th 5a John Davidson Direct
10th leaving 12th 2a 2c John Reid
16th leaving 20th 5a Jim Chalmers Direct
24th leaving 27th 4a 2c JR Direct

October 2021
Santos 1st leaving 3rd 5a Air
J and P 4th leaving 7th
9th leaving 16th Craig A direct 2a,3c
Clive 16th leaving 17th 2a 1c Book

Fiona 19th leaving 22nd 3a 2c Book
Rikki 22 leaving 24th Book 2a 2c
Andy 26th leaving 28th 2a direct
Gemma 28th leaving 31st 2a 2c Book
November 2021
Rizal 3rd leaving 5th 4a
Alistair 5th leaving 13th 2a
Jenny 13th leaving 15th 2a 2c Book
December 2021
Louisa 10th leaving 12th 4a Book
Leon 18th leaving 21st 3a Book
Gillian 21st leaving 23rd 3a Air
Reno 23rd leaving 26th 5a
Fiona 28th Dec to 31st Dec 5a Air
Claire 31st Dec leaving 2nd 3a 2 c air


Jan 22
Marianne 3rd leaving 5th Jan 3a 2c Air
Charles Whitmore 29th leaving 30th 4a book

Joe 7th leaving 10th 2a
Lorinda 11th leaving 13th 2a 2c book
Tim 14th leaving 18th 2a 3c
Robert 18th leaving 20th 4a book
Beverley 20th leaving 25th 2a 3c book

Lee 25th leaving 27th 2a

March 22
kristel 4th leaving 6th 3a Book
Jennifer 11th leaving 13th 4a 2c book
Calum 18th leaving 20 th 2a book

Apr 22
Jim 2nd leaving 4th 2a 3c Book
Fang 4th leaving 6th 2a 3c book
Constantine 7th leaving 9th 5a book
Lynn 9th leaving 11th 2a 3c Book
Morag 11th leaving 15th 2a 2c Book
Scott 15th leaving 18th 3a 2c Book
Claire and Rob 18th leaving 24th 2a

May 22
Dr Haas 1st leaving 3rd 4a book
polly 3rd leaving 5th 3a air
Josh 6th leaving 8th 4a air
William 13th leaving 15th2a 3 c book
Giulia 17th leaving 19th 3a book
Phil 20th leaving 23rd 3a Book
Terry 27th leaving 29th 4a 1 c Book
Camelia 31st leaving 3rd June 4a 2c Book
June 22
Matthew 3rd leaving 5th 2a book
Paul 6th leaving 8th 4a direct
David 10th leaving 13th 2a 2c book

Bryan 18th leaving 20th 4a book
Arturo 24th leaving 26th 4a book
Kirsten 28th leaving 1st 5a book
July 22
Neil 2nd leaving 5th 2a 2c book
Tanya 8th leaving 10th 5a air
Roeland 11th leaving 14th 4a
Elizabeth 14th leaving 17rh 4a book
James 18th leaving 22nd 3a 3c book
Simon 23rd leaving 27th 2a book
Abi 27th leaving 30th 2a 2c book
Stephen 30th leaving 31sr 3a book
Peter 31st leaving 1st Aug 2 a book

Aug 22
Aimi 1st leaving 3rd 4a book
Holly 3rd leaving 4th 4a book
Christine 4th leaving 9th 3a book
2 people added £100 to leave at end

Zachariah 9th leaving 11th 2a 3c book
Cheryl 12th leaving 14th 4a 1c book
Julia 14th leaving 16th 3a 1c book
Rhona 16th leaving 18th 3a 2c book
Hazel 19th leaving 19th 2a 2c book
Lisa 19th leaving 21st 2a 2c book
James 22nd leaving 25th 2a 3c book

Gary 25th leaving 29th 4a Air
Julie 31st leaving 2nd Sept book 3a

Sept 22
Ester 2nd leaving 4th 4a book
Silvia 6th leaving 8th 2a book
Mark 9th leaving 11th 3a book
Fraser 11th leaving 14th direct

Jim Golfers 15th leaving 19th 4a direct
Jim Willed 19th leaving 22nd 2a direct
Igor 24th leaving 26th 5a book
Karen 26th leaving 28th air
Victoria 30th leaving 2nd Oct Air 5a
Oct 22
Rosie 7th leaving 9th 4a air
Lynne 10th leaving 14th 2a 1 c book
George 14th leaving 16th 2a 2c book
Siobannh 17th Oct leaving 19th 2a 3c book
Shirley 20th leaving 23rd 2a 2c air

Fiona 24th leaving 27rh 2a,2c book

Kimberley 28th leaving 30th 4A Book

Nov 22

`aà` 4th leaving 6th 4a book
Joe 7th leaving 11th 2a direct

Dec 22
Brian 2nd leaving 4th 4a
Scott 9th leaving 11th 5a book
Victoria 13th leaving 15th 3a 3c book
M.D. Maxharal 25th leaving 29th 4a book
Roisin 29th leaving 2nd Jan 6a air

Jan 23
Ryan 2nd leaving 4th 2a air
Zoe 4th leaving 6th 2a 4c book
Justin 19th leaving 21st book 4a
Peter 2uth leaving 29th book 4a

Feb 23

Magdalena 10th leaving 12th book 3a
Jeanette 12th leaving 19th book 4a
Graham 19th leaving 21st book 4a
Sally 24th leaving 26th book 5a


Isla 3rd leaving 5th book 4a
Lindsay 25th leaving 1st 2a

Kevin 5th leaving 7th book 2a 3c
Paul 7th leaving 10th book 3a 1c
John 10th leaving 12th book 2a
Katie 13th leaving 15th book 2a 3c
Karsten 27th leaving 29th book 5a


Kauko 4th leaving 6th book 5a
Craig 12th leaving 14th book 5a
Tom 15th leaving17th air 2a
Sanjiv 24th leaving 26th book 5a
Chris 27th leaving 3rd June air 2a


J Yu 5th leaving 7th book 4a
Annette 8th leaving 10th book 2a
John 10th leaving12th book 2a
Markus 19th leaving 21st book 4a
Manuel 21st leaving 23rd book 3a
Golfers 23rd leaving 25th
Patricia 26th leaving 28th June 4a 2c
Shiela 28th leaving 30th book 2a,3c


Rachel 1st leaving 3rd air 3a,1c
Claire 3rd leaving 7th book 3a3c
Kevin 7th leaving 9th book 2a
inaki 9th leaving 12th air 2a,2c
Lottie 12th leaving 14th 4a book
David 14th leaving 18th book 4a
Andrea 18th leaving 20th book 3a,2c
Steve 20th leaving 22nd book 2a
Edward 22nd leaving 23rd book 3a 3c
Yuval 23rd leaving 26th book 2a,2c

Paul 28th leaving 31st book 3a 1c

Stuart 1st leaving 3rd book 4a
Frank 4 th leaving 6th 4a,1c book
Pavan 6th leaving 10th 3a book
Lorna 11 leaving 14th 2a 3c book
Chris 14th leaving 16th 3a book
Michael 17th leaving 19th 3a,1c Air
Nicole 19th leaving 23rd 3a 2c book
Joyce 23rd leaving 25th 3a
Barbara 25th leaving 27th 5a Air
Ellen 28th leaving 31st 5a,2c book

Joyce 31st Aug leaving 5th 4a
Angela 9th leaving 11th 2a book
Andrew 12th leaving 14th 3a book
Jim Golf 14th leaving 18th 4a direct
lesley 23rd leaving 25th 4a book
Paul 29th leaving 1st Oct 5a book

23rd leaving 2nd Dec Lindsay


Yuun 21st leaving 23rd 3a,2c book

Swupnu 23rd leaving 26th 4a 2c book
Gabriel 27th leaving 30th 3a,2c book
Neil 30th leaving 3rd January 3a,2c book

Brian 5th leaving 7th 4a book