[b]Here are the dates booked for 2020
Other than that it is available....

January 2020

February 2020

Ben 7th leaving 11th (3a) air

Karen 15 leaving 22nd (4a,1c) air

Jeremy 27th leaving 1st March (4a)

March 2020

Neil 12th leaving 16th (4a) Book

Andy 21st leaving 24th (2a)

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

Fran 27th leaving 29th (4a) air

August 2020

September 2020

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

January 2019[/b
[b]February 2019

Doug 21st leaving 24th ( 3a) Trip
March 2019
2nd leaving 5th (Claire) (2a
April 2019
James 1st leaving 3rd(3a,1c) Trip
Adieine Black 3rd leaving 7 th (3a,2c) ( Booking.)
Jim 10th leaving 12th (4a) (Air)
Scott 13th leaving 19th (5a) (Booking)
Michelle 19th leaving 21st (2a,1c) (Air)
May 2019
3rd leaving 6th Lindsay (3a)
Sarah 22nd leaving 26th (3a,1c)
Jim W 30th May leaving June 3rd (2a)
June 2019
Jim W 30th May leaving June 3rd (2a)
Graham 14th leaving 16th (4a) Trip
Moira 21st leaving 23rd (4a) Trip
Eithne 27th leaving 29th (2a,,1c) Air
July 2019
Thomas 4th leaving 7th(3a) Book
Kirsten 8th leaving 11th (3a,1c) Air
Doug 11th leaving 15th(3a)
Alison 16th leaving 19th (2a) Air
Dan 19th leaving 23rd (3a) Book
Brenda 24th leaving 27th (2a,2c) Air
Zoe 28th leaving 4th Aug (4a) Trip
August 2019
Adam 4th leaving 9th (2a,2c) Trip
Claire 9th leaving 12th(2a)
Jenny 12th leaving 15th(4a) Book
Andrew 16th leaving 19th (2a,2c) Trip
Karine 20th leaving 23rd (2a,2c) Book
Barbara 23rd leaving 25th (4a) Trip
Fraser 25th leaving 27th (2a)
Linda 30th leaving Sept 1st (Trip) (4a)
September 2019
JR 6th leaving 9th (6a)
Linda 9th leaving 11th (2a) Air
Stuart 27th leaving 29th (3a,1c) Trip
October 2019
Mal 4th leaving 5th ( 4a) Booking
Bruce 5th leaving 12th(3a) Air
Craig 12th leaving 19th (2a,3c)
Joe 19th leaving 24th (2a)
Alex 25th leaving 28th (4a) Air
November 2019
Jack 22nd leaving 24th (5a) Trip
[b]December 2019[/b
Kev 20th leaving 22nd (3a)
Chris 30th leaving 4th